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Robin Rothenber

C-IAYT, Director EYT


Robin Rothenberg

C-IAYT, Director of EYT


Robin Rothenberg is the program director and founder of Essential Yoga Therapy, an IAYT Accredited Training Program. Robin served as Chair of the Accreditation Committee for the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) until 2017, and remains on the Advisory Council. 

She is considered one of the foremost experts in the area of yoga therapy for lower back pain and annually teaches her Essential Low Back Training Program based on her book by the same name and the NIH-protocol she co-designed.

Her ability to speak articulately to the way in which yoga impacts the nervous system, mind and emotions has led to her presenting at both NAMA (National Ayurvedic & Medical Association) and SYTAR on the subjects of anxiety and stress.

In 2010 she was commissioned by a hospital outside to Seattle to develop a program for MS which has grown to be highly successful.
Robin has spent the last three years deeply studying the impact of breath on our physiologic health and mind.

She is writing a book, "Restoring Prana: A therapeutic Guide to Pranayama and Healing Through the Breath ",  Singing Dragon publishers, due out in spring 2019.

The breath informs all of her therapeutic work and is particularly critical in her work with those living with inflammatory, chronic pain and auto-immune conditions.


Understanding the Bio-Chemistry of Proper Breath Control

SATURDAY / 8:00 - 10:00

Pranayama has often been taught in ways that emphasize big breathing with extended exhales and expansive inhales.

However, the ancient yogis knew the secret of increasing oxygenation lay in breathing light and breathing less. Learning to manipulate the blood gases through proper breath control as the yogis originally taught is the essence of pranayama.

In this course you will learn:
- How over breathing depletes the body of valuable CO2
- The role of CO2 in oxygenation, pH balance, and parasympathetic activation of the nervous system
- How breathing less and increasing breath holds can rebalance your bio-chemistry
- Practices that will increase O2 levels substantially, boosting vital function of the organs, the immune system, and brain function

Bushwhacking New Pathways ;

Therapeutic Considerations for the MS Population

SATURDAY / 10:20 - 12:20

While we all need to explore the realm of the new to keep our body and mind fresh, those with progressive neurological conditions have no option but to build new pathways since the older roads have become blocked. For those with MS, the fuzz may hamper ambulation, cognitive processing, memory and emotional regulation. Working adaptively with yoga to spark fresh and unusual ways of linking movement, mind, and breath, without fatiguing the student is nuanced work.
In this course Robin will share her extensive experience building a program for people with MS. You will learn these key elements:
Ways to sequence that encourage cognitive processing
How to build kinetic chains that help students re-member parts that have been ‘off-line’
The importance of core engagement to maintain stability
Using the breath to decrease inflammation and increase oxygenation to the brain
Alternation of focus to prevent fatigue and over-exertion

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