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Cheri Dostal Ryba 


Cheri Dostal Ryba


Cheri Dostal Ryba has devoted over two decades to embodied inquiry & transformation as a movement educator, personal fitness trainer, dancer, C-IAYT yoga therapist, mother of two, and author. Cheri's approach weaves cyclical wisdom from nature with trauma & nervous system informed somatic practices, and whole person pelvic care. Cheri served as a founding co-director and lead faculty of the accredited C-IAYT yoga therapist training program, AlcheMe Yoga Therapy, for 7 years and mentors yoga professionals in personal embodiment and career growth. She has spoken at SYTAR twice to serve the growing field of yoga therapy and supports women globally 1:1 and with online programs. Cheri published her first book, Pelvic Yoga Therapy for the Whole Woman: A Professional Guide. She plans to continue writing & making life a moving ritual.


Vital Roots - Including the Pelvis in Yoga Therapy

Sunday 12:30 - 2:30

Scope and ethics discussion, what is embodied consent, simple-profound self-touch pelvic mapping and movement for improved grounding, regulation, breathing & movement function, integration of self - WHY include the pelvis/baseline screening/ed for pelvic floor? Pelvic Floor issues are highly correlated with one of the most prevalent causes of disability and doctor visits worldwide - low back pain, among other reasons. Could this be a missing link for many people?

Dynamic Polyvagal Play 


Sunday 2:30 - 4:00

Every interaction with our students is a transmission of co-regulation - the human, heart to heart task of being with each other and creating rapport. Our embodiment as the teacher sets the tone, like a tuning fork for our client. Understand your nervous system and social patterns through the wisdom of non-hierarchical polyvagal applications and explore somatic practices alone and with a partner or group to tap into a deeper well of unconditional presence and brave connection in your therapeutic work

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