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To Better Serve Those Who Suffer


By Create Community, Education & Integration of 

Yoga as a Therapy Into Health Care Approaches

Exceptional International Presenters Come to

Educate & Connect with Others in the Health & Yoga Profession by

Sharing Research, Tools & Experience for Specific Health Concerns in

Specialized Sessions Within a Warm, Personable & Fun setting!

MISTY Memories
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Pictures by Michael Green Photography & Peter Arcari
MISTY President
Helene Couvrette
J Brown Yoga Talks
Conversation with
MISTY president
Helene Couvrette

All About MISTY!


MISTY  brings to Montreal world wide international presenters who are among the most recognized in their fields as health care / yoga therapist / educators integrating yoga therapeutics alongside their professional practice, in the pursuit of the well-being of the individual, prevention and reduction of symptoms, restoration of balance, increase in vitality and the relief of physical and emotional pain.

MISTY is a weekend Symposium offering specialized sessions by international based presenters with a medical background who integrate yoga therapeutics in their practice.
They come to share Quality Education, Research, Facts, Tools, Experience, Evidence based Yoga.

Presentations format are open and welcoming for interactive discussion, creating a exchange of learning for all!


~  Anyone interested in discovering the science behind Yoga!

~  Yoga Teachers, Therapists, Teacher Trainers & Students of all levels.
~ Medical & Mental Health Professionals such as Physical Therapists,  Osteopaths, Psychotherapists, Nurses, Doctors.

~ Sessions are accessible for ALL curious minds!

Health Care Professionals & Respected Yoga Education Experts who integrate yoga in their practice sharing thier research, tools, knowledge, experience.


Set in a personable setting, with accessibility to faculty throughout allowing lots of time to connect with  peers, to share & create future collaborations.
Where there is a shared passion to make a difference, great accomplishments will follow!


Yoga Therapy is the fastest growing complement to treatment plans!

Those who suffer will greatly benefit by medical health professionals and yoga therapist collaborating.

MISTY is a weekend of manifesting change for a healthier, happier  future for all by educating those in the yoga therapy and health field.

 Radio Converstation

with Helene Couvrette

Helene Couvrette, MISTY president/co-founder
E-RYT500, Yoga Therapist, YTT Educator
Founder H~OM Yoga Health & Wellness Center / School
Helene’s (pronounced Hell-EEn) mission is to create deeper integration of yoga therapy practices in the Canadian health field by bringing the highest level of fact-based yoga eduction to yoga and health practitioners so those who suffer can find ease from emotional and physical pain.
Since 1999 Helene has studied over 1000hrs and taught over 4000hrs of yoga. Her first classes were offered in the home of a friend who was in treatment for, and since, passed away from cancer. Over the years she has seen the profound affects of yoga in a wide range of people and health conditions.
When she opened H~OM Yoga Wellness Center in 2007 her intent was to create a personable, compassionate and fun space for those of all ages, fitness levels and limitations, who are in need of physical and emotional comfort.
Helene shares her passion for yoga therapeutics and education through public classes, private yoga therapy sessions, and mentoring a 200hr YTT registered certificate program.
Her teachings are based on yoga for health, healing & happiness.
Simply put Helene aspires to “Touch as many people in as positive a way as possible”.
J. Brown Yoga Talks mike logo.jpg


MISTY is conference where health care professionals / Yoga Therapist / Educators

come to share and connect with the mission to help those who are suffering through better education of care givers in the health and yoga field.

How else but by sharing knowledge and experience and connecting with each other can we

better serve those who need our help! 

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