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Baxter Bell

Baxter Bell

Baxter Bell, MD, C-IAYT has been immersed in the practices of yoga for almost 30 years, teaching for over 20 of those years to thousands of students in the US and beyond. He combines his unique experiences and background in medicine, yoga therapy, acupuncture and life to create extraordinary yoga practices for groups and individuals. Baxter is a pioneer in the area of Yoga for Healthy Aging, co-authoring a book of the same name and leading workshops and immersions on this evolving topic online and in person. He has created many rich learning webinars for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers on the online platform Yoga U Online, with topics ranging from Yoga for Heart Health to Yoga for Long Covid.
To learn more about Baxter and his work, visit his website (above).

Yoga Therapy Approaches for Aging; Muscles, Atrophy, Fascia and Bones
Saturday 10:30 - 12:30

It could be argued that of the 4 essential physicals skills Baxter teaches about in his Yoga for Healthy Aging work, strength - maintaining or building it - may be the most essential.
This session will explore the potential impact of yoga poses and practices on achieving this important goal while looking at other ways to integrate strength building ideas into your work from outside the yoga sphere!

In this session, Baxter will share with you:
- The impact of aging on muscle, fascia and bone.
- The concept of “skeletal muscle atrophy” and whether it is inevitable or modifiable.
- How well does typical dynamic and static yoga poses support good strength.
- How faster and slower movements in asana impact strength gains and function.
- Adding in new props to address the benefits of “resistance training” in yoga.
- An experiential practice!

Yoga Therapy for Alzheimer’s Prevention!
Saturday 2:00 - 4:00

There is exciting new research that identifies multiple modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease that can significantly lower the chances of developing this devasting brain disease. Yoga research has shown to effectively address many of these changeable factors.

In this session, Baxter will share with you:
- How Alzheimer’s develops and the best time to modify risk factors.
- Brief overview of Conventional treatment options for Alzheimer’s.
- The 8 main modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer’s that yoga can address.
- How yoga can be used to address modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer’s.
- Studies indicating the benefits of yoga on improving cognitive health.
- A review of yoga tools that can be applied to brain health practices.
- An experiential practice!


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