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Carina Raisman

BSc, ND, E-RYT 500


Carina Raisman

BSc, ND, E-RYT 500


With a strong passion and interest for health, Carina devoted her studies to conventional and allopathic medicine, with a BSc in Microbiology & Immunology at McGill University; including studies in the Faculty of Pharmacology in Montpellier, France.

Her main intentions and questions have always revolved around finding the optimal conditions to establish and to maintain health. Through her yoga studies and practices, Carina now creates a bridge between human Physiology and Yoga Philosophy. 

With extensive training and over 20 years experience, Carina now offers private consultations to address particular health needs of each individual; and facilitates Anatomy, Physiology, Stress Management and other aspects Yoga Therapeutics via Teacher Training Programs. 

The passion and curiosity continue, and fuel her ongoing quest to share the essentials of health and how to make it accessible, efficient, and sustainable.

Sound Therapy Research and Practice

*Accompanied by a LIVE Sound Bath

SUNDAY / 2:30 - 4:00

Channel through the Chakras!

"Being in Harmony” can take on a whole new meaning when we look at research on the impact of resonant and dissonant sound frequencies on our body’s tissues and overall vibrancy.  


Theory will be put to practice with a guided meditation accompanied by live music, with a series of exercises to help awaken and cultivate the energy of each chakra, followed by a sound bath to help deepen and integrate the benefits of this magical experience.

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