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Jayne Hembruff
BSc, Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner


Jayne Hembruff

BSc, Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner

Jayne Hembruff is an esteemed figure who beautifully blends her knowledge and experience in the areas of yoga, mental health, and trauma-informed care, bringing over three decades of dedicated experience to her role as the ideal presenter for the session on "Mindful Recovery after a Brain Injury: Lessons Learned from a Catastrophic Motor Vehicle Accident - Applying Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy."
With a foundation in personal yoga practice and volunteering with individuals living with serious mental health diagnoses in the late '80s, Jayne's transformative journey reached a pivotal moment in 2006 when she participated in a groundbreaking research project focused on diabetes prevention in individuals with schizophrenia through yoga instruction.
Committed to her own learning, she has accumulated over 1000 hours of therapeutic yoga teacher training, caregiver training, and extensive mental health and trauma-informed education. Her influence extends beyond her personal journey to advocacy and partnerships with regional organizations such as the Suicide Prevention Council, Canadian Mental Health Association, and Home Care and Community Support Services. Jayne's significant accomplishments include the development of an innovative approach to trauma-informed yoga therapy, validated through a comprehensive five-year study, and a collaboration with renowned academic Dr. Stuart Shanker.


Mindful Recovery After a Brain Injury: Lessons Learned from a Catastrophic  Accident - Applying Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy

Sunday 9:00 - 10:30

This session will provide yoga therapy professionals with valuable insights on approaching teaching in a trauma-informed manner, aiming to enhance the mental and physical well-being of individuals.

Session Overview: This session will explore the profound role of yoga and holistic wellness in facilitating mindful recovery after a traumatic brain injury and catastrophic accident. Through a trauma-informed lens, I will draw from my own experience, having endured a traumatic brain injury and various injuries, and my extensive background in developing and delivering trauma-informed mental health yoga therapy across diverse settings. The insights I will share are both practical and deeply inspiring.

Session Highlights:
Mindful Recovery: Jayne will share her personal mindful journey with yoga therapy after her brain injury and the valuable lessons learned from her catastrophic accident. From only being able to meditate to applying modified accessible poses to help alleviate physical and mental suffering.  Jayne will highlight the importance of adaptability to ensure the effectiveness of yoga therapy.

Gratitude & Grief: We will explore the power of gratitude and the importance of grief along the healing journey. 

Help:  Jayne will share the humbling experience of transitioning from a fiercely independent single mom and solopreneur to someone who needed to ask for help, a crucial lesson for those working with individuals in similar situations.

Compassion & Building Therapeutic Relationships: Attendees will acquire knowledge on leading classes with compassion and adapting as needed. Participants will hear firsthand accounts of how Jayne’s accident transformed the teaching style and client relations. Furthermore, it gave her clients the courage to practice "ahimsa" (non-harming) by adapting to their physical and mental abilities.

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