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Here are Just a Few of Upcoming

MISTY 2023 Faculty


Anne Pitman, M. Sc. E-RYT, C-IAYT

Anne is a proud co-director and faculty member  of the School of Embodied Yoga Therapy, bringing professional and holistic yoga therapy to Eastern Canada.

She has a Masters in Kinesiology and has been guiding people to be more fully present in their life, through dance, yoga and fitness, for over 30 years.  

She is a teacher of teachers, designing studies for certified Yoga Teacher Training and a multitude of popular workshops from a Scaravelli and somatic, or body-centered listening approach.  

Anne has extensive experience in accompanying people who are facing cancer, both as a Certified Yoga Teacher in weekly gentle and restorative yoga classes, a Yoga Therapist in clinic, and a Care Coordinator at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre.  

She is a graduate and ongoing scholar at the Orphan Wisdom School where she learns to compassionately support both living deeply and dying well.

Recently Anne released a (4 cd) set entitled “7 Short Practices; A Gentle Companion for Yoga Home Practice” and a meditation cd, “Into the Body”, as a fundraiser for the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre.

Baxter headshot 3.webp

Baxter Bell, MD, C-IAYT

Baxter has been actively deepening his understanding of the power of yoga since making the stress-reducing move from a career as a busy family doctor to that of a yoga teacher and medical acupuncturist.

Baxter is a graduate of the Piedmont Yoga Studio’s 18-month Advanced Studies Program, and served as Director of PYS’s Deep Yoga Program for many years, teaching the Experiential Anatomy, Yoga Technique, and Yoga Methodology portions of that training.

He is on faculty for several Yoga Teacher Training programs around the country, including the East Bay’s Namaste Yoga as well as P.O.S.T. Wellness by Design in Petaluma, California.

Baxter is a Certified Yoga Therapist, a level of training denoted by C-IAYT. He is also co-author with Nina Zolotow of the new book Yoga for Healthy Aging.

He teaches a healing, nurturing style of Hatha yoga, balancing our desire for action with our need to quiet the mind, emphasizing the qualities of curiosity and meditation in the practice. His students say they appreciate his clarity of instruction and playful sense of humor!


Dr. Günter Niessen, Orthopedic Surgeon, PhD, PT, RYT 500, C-IAYT

Günter co-founder of the Therapy Training program at Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda, is an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and also a trained physio and manual therapist.

He is an accredited chiropractor and studied sports medicine, acupuncture and analysis of the locomotor system.

In Germany and in Kerala (India) he received teachings in Ayurveda from 2007 to 2009.

Since meeting with the Mohan family, he merged his comprehensive knowledge to provide holistic treatment to thousands of patients in different hospitals and in his outpatient clinic in Berlin.

He is actively involved in conducting the Svastha Yoga Therapy Training programs all over Europe.


Dr. Lori Rubenstein Fazzio, DPT, PT, MAppSc, C-IAYT

Yogachemmal Dr. Lori Rubenstein is a Clinical Professor of Yoga and Health at Loyola Marymount University(LMU) in Los Angeles where she teaches in the Yoga Studies Master of Arts and Post Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy programs and the Clinical Director of Yoga Therapy Rx at LMU where she designed and implemented the first Yoga Therapy internship within an integrative medical clinic. 

She began her practice of Yoga over 25 years ago as a “spiritual seeker” and soon recognized the health benefits of these practices.   

A practicing physical therapist, yoga therapist, and Level 2 iRest meditation teacher, she is a lifelong student and practitioner of Yoga and compassionate care.  

She took her first Yoga teacher training in 2000 with Matthew Taylor and has since studied with many teachers including Larry Payne, Srivasta Ramaswami, Swami Veda and Richard Miller. 

She leads an annual Yoga Therapy Journey to India for study at Kaivalyadhama and the Center for Yoga Therapy Education and Research with Dr. Ananda Bhavanani. Integrating her studies of Yoga, neuroscience, Somatic Experiencing and shamanic medicine, she developed a novel approach to pain care which proved to be effective in a pilot study she conducted with Dr. Ellen Langer at Harvard University. 

She contributed a chapter, “Body Awareness, Bhavana and Pratyahara” to Yoga and Science in Pain Care and is often highlighted in Yoga Therapy publications and news articles across the world.  

A frequent presenter at conferences, her research interests include neuroplasticity and the effects of spirituality and subtle body practices on health and well-being.


Marlysa Sullivan, MPT, C-IAYT E-RYT 500 

Marlysa is a physiotherapist and yoga therapist with over 15 years of experience working with people suffering with chronic pain conditions.

She is an Assistant Professor in Yoga Therapy and Integrative Health Sciences at Maryland University of Integrative Health and holds an adjunct position at Emory University, where she teaches the integration of yoga and mindfulness into physical therapy practice in the DPT program.

She is the co-editor of Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain as well as several peer-reviewed articles.

She also has an upcoming book titled Understanding Yoga Therapy: Applied Philosophy and Science for Well-being. 

Marlysa has been involved in the professionalization of the field of yoga therapy through the educational standards committee of IAYT, which helped to define the competencies for the field, and in characterizing the yoga therapy workforce through research.

Her research interests focus on defining the framework and explanatory model for yoga therapy based on philosophical and neurophysiological perspectives.


Dr. Staffan Elgelid, PT, PhD, GCFT, C-IAYT, RYT-500

Dr Staffan Elgelid is a Professor of Physical Therapy at Nazareth College and has been a Physical Therapist for 30+ years.

A native of Sweden and graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, Dr Elgelid has worked in a wide variety of settings, including owning his own clinics, and has presented at conferences on a wide variety of topics such as Complementary Approaches to Health, Guided Imagery, Healthy Aging, Mentoring, Awareness, Core Strengthening, and Feldenkrais, both in the US and Internationally.

Dr Elgelid has produced videos on different approaches to core strengthening, and Yoga for different sports. Dr. Elgelid is currently on the advisory board of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the Board of Directors of the Yoga Alliance, and on the editorial board of several journals. Dr Elgelid edited “Yoga Therapy: Theory and Practice” and is the co-author of “Yoga for Stress and Anxiety” and “Yoga for Active Adults.”

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