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Laura Hernandez
RYT 500, Oncology Yoga, Movement Therapist


Laura Hernandez

RYT500, Oncology Yoga, Movement Therapist

Founder and owner of Yoga & Movement, Laura is a facilitator and visionary is passionate about convening and creating networks. She advocates for oncology yoga as a trauma-informed specialization; she supports integrative oncology and its ethics as well as safety practices in teaching this approach. Laura is Certified in "Oncology Yoga" as a teacher and teacher trainer for Yoga4Cancer She completed the Yoga Thrive program hosted by The Yoga Effect in partnership with the Wellness Lab at the University of Calgary. Pursues continuing education in Oncology Yoga with Radika Foundation, Spain.

Laura is a Member of the International Network of Oncology Yoga (Spanish-speaking countries), She pursues continuing education in Spiritual sciences and end-of-life training and holds an accreditation of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation (QBCF), for which she is a senior teacher and teacher trainer.


Tari Prinster

Yoga Teacher, y4c

Tari Prinster is a cancer survivor, master yoga teacher, celebrated author and founder of yoga4cancer and the yoga4cancer Foundation (501c3), which bring evidenced informed Oncology Yoga to cancer survivors worldwide.
Tari’s organization has trained over 3,000 professionals worldwide and supports research to assess the contributions of yoga. Yoga4cancer advocates for Oncology Yoga in both private and public sector and organizations.
Tari and her global community have seen the benefits to recovery that Oncology Yoga provides —before, during and after treatment. Her book, Yoga for Cancer: A Guide to Managing Side Effects, Boosting Immunity, and Improving Recovery for Cancer Survivors, is an illustrated guide for cancer survivors available in English, Spanish and Japanese.

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The Importance of Imagery & language in a Trauma-Informed, Oncology Yoga Practice (interactive practice)
* With Tari Prinster
Saturday 2:00 - 4:00

Session Overview: 
Words are powerful and create stories, stories create images and emotions which land in the human body. We all have been building an emotional history since we were born.
In the oncology path, there is the story of the person and the presence of cancer in the body. The person is forced to be in a relationship with both, plus relating in a new way with life.
We bring support for this evolution process in each individual. The emotional state of the “host” that lodges the cancer is essential in the path to a better quality of life.

Session Highlights:
- Communicate with words, body and soul
- The Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery ™
- Appealing to the senses

Testimonies of  past participants:
“I laughed while moving within cotton balls”
“When I related to that place of “energy”, there…
there is no pain”

Advocating for Oncology Yoga in Quebec & the World
* With Tari Prinster

Saturday 4:30 - 6:00

The method, the demand, the needs, the network.

Oncology yoga is now considered a complementary therapy that makes a positive impact on those undergoing cancer treatments. The research has now evidence to demonstrate the benefits of this method.
In this session guided both, by Laura Hernandez and Tari Prinster (founder of Yoga4cancer) you will gain a better understanding of the reasons why oncology yoga exists:
* The population of people diagnosed with cancer is large and growing
* Managing the side effects of cancer is vital
* The need for an active yoga practice is recommended
* The importance of specialization of teachers

* How to thrive as a teacher
* Integrative Health
* The global network

Oncology Yoga session will learn to:
~ Build strength and flexibility
~ Strengthen the immune system and improve lymphatic function
~ Reduce cancer-related fatigue
~ Improve sleep and reduce anxiety
~ Increase bone density
~ Maintain a healthy body weight
~ Help manage side effects like lymphedema, constipation and neuropathy
~ Improve a sense of wellbeing and confidence
~ Encourage survivors to participate in their wellness plan & is innately trauma-informed.
~ Experience a short oncology yoga practice



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