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Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga
Founded in 2011


Its simple! To help those who suffer.


  To educate health care and yoga professionals in a personable weekend setting where knowledge, facts, wisdom, insight and tools are shared

while deep connections are created for personal and professional growth.

Oh, and all while having fun!

Special Note

from Helene Couvrette

MISTY co-founder / president


Dear Y'all!

How are you doing through these crazy post Covid Times!?


If like myself you have finally started to venture out & maybe even travel across boarders,

you know though it is possible in some countries still,

it is not without certain Covid conditions & restrictions.


In light of this...

After much thought & discussions with peeps, 

I have come to a hard decision to once again delay our much missed MISTY in person conference.


It was considered to do an online event,

but it just would not be MISTY.

Without the in person (mask-less) face to face & warm hugs that is the heart of MISTY.


MISTY is about personal connections, as well as valuable education.

Know that it is my deepest desire to meet again ASAP in person.
I will keep you informed !



1) Check out past MISTY recorded sessions on sale through Embodia

2) BECOME A YOGA THERAPIST though Helene's H~OM TYES Yoga Therapy Training Program

Vision ;
Uniting Health Care
& Yoga Professionals
To Better Serve
Who Suffer


MISTY is an intimate conference where

Health Care Professionals / Yoga Therapist / Educators

come to share & connect with the mission to help those who suffer

through better education of & for care givers in the health & yoga field.


How else but by sharing knowledge & experience & connecting

with each other can we better serve those who need our help! 

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